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How To Install IPv6 On Your PC

How to install IPv6 in your Linux/Windows/Mac machine.
  • Last Update:2022-01-26
  • Version:006
  • Language:en


  1. Install re6st on Linux
  2. Install hide.me on Mac
  3. Install IPv6 on Windows

Rapid.Space provides IPv6 connection on all servers, however, most ISP (Internet Service Provider) in China only provide IPv4 network. In order to help Rapid.Space users in China to adopt IPv6, without using proxy to access Rapid.Space service, we are going to introduce a simple way to install IPv6 in your personal machine(Linux, Windows or Mac), so this particular machine can use IPv6.

The alternative way is to get a local IPv6 network by setting up a Raspberry Pi with Re6stnet and its token, so that all devices under this network can enjoy IPv6 and access Rapid.Space services, the steps are explained on HowTo Get A Local IPv6 Network.

Install re6st on Linux

Please follow How To Use SDN For A Single Server to install Re6st on Linux.

Install hide.me on Mac

Apple is currently unfriendly with the open source IPv6 solutions(like meredo or teredo) so that you have to use the VPN: hide.me.

Reference: VPN With Complete IPv6 Support

Install IPv6 on Windows

You can install hide.me on your Windows to get an IPv6 address effectively.

Reference: VPN With Complete IPv6 Support

We also provide the Ubuntu OVA file for VirtualBox on Windows (tested on WIN10):

Please follow How To Use VirtualBox To Install Ubuntu With Shared Folder And Re6st On Win10 to complete the configuration.